I rediscovered Elizabeth David’s cookery books when rooting for a recipe one day. In her book: ‘I’ll be with you in a squeeze of a lemon’,she writes about Puddings, Fools and Syllabubs. To me the very names are joyful, capturing the childish whimsy of a pudding, all fruit and froth. It brought back memories of long days idling in the garden, the smell of freshly mown grass, and sun-bleached deckchairs. It came to me that there may be a gap in the market to recreate the elegant simplicity of these puddings made with cream or custard, balanced with sweet and sour fruits. I got busy developing my range of puddings and my flower + herb shortbreads, which are perfect for your wedding feast, with a cup of tea or especially good alongside one of my possets. I hope you enjoy them along with your own happy memories.