private cooking

Together with her Italian partner Valentina Harris, author, TV presenter and Chef - Jo is available to help you plan creative menus for delicious meals suitable for any occasion from dinner parties to events, special occasion cakes and glorious British puddings.

Her food is vibrant and packed with flavour, using herbs, edible flowers, fruits and vegetables sourced from local organic gardens.

Jo values her local community, respects the environment and works closely with a number of local farmers as seasonal and organic produce are a top priority for her style of cooking.-

fish dishes

Gnudi lighter than Gnocchi



festival food

Roman Pizza Al Taglio,
Stracciatella with anchovies and roasted tomatoes

Tuscan dish - Acquacotta

A Roman dish - Suppli

fritto misto

Polpette di Ricotta

Stuffed porchetta

anatra col pein

parmesan shortbreads decorated with flowers and herbs great with an aperitif

typical Roman dish - fried artichokes - carciofi alla giudia

Rafanata potato based pancake, pancetta, cheese and herb salad

Grazing tables

Grazing tables

giant ravioli

flower and herb shortbreads made to order


flower and herb shortbreads

Chocolate Truffles


meringues dipped in chocolate

meringue cases

chocolate pots and shortbreads

Syllabubs and shortbreads